Breathing Space Prahan, Yoga Prahan, Meditation, Body Alignment Yoga
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Deepa Ebeli

Deepa was fortunate to be introduced to the path of Yoga at a young age and has now spent more of her life immersed in the ancient art of Yoga than not.  Her deep wealth of knowledge and natural ease in teaching comes from over forty years of uninterrupted study, practice and experience.


Over the span of four decades she has spent time deepening her studies and teaching in  Australia, India, America and Indonesia.


Her dedication and application of yoga in daily life have enabled her to bring the lofty teachings into a meaningful, practical and grounded experience for her students.


Deepa helps students not only align within their body,  but also with their intention and  purpose and with a great deal of awareness and care inspires them to experience  and connect with their own inner beauty, light and strength.

Deepa Ebeli

Studio Locations


Breathing Space Yoga Studio

Level 1, 217 Chapel Street



Richmond Uniting Church

Clifton Hall, 314 Church Street
(Corner Darlington Parade and Church Street Richmond)

*Parking available in Darlington Parade

Private Tuition


Private Yoga tuition is a great way to start your journey to wellness,  further your Yoga instruction skills or to deepen an existing practice with personalised care and refinement.


Private Tuition can be in groups or in a relaxed one on one setting in your own home or our tranquil studio in Richmond.


A private weekly class is a fun and easy way to develop your teaching skills.  Please contact Deepa on 0407 567 452 for further information.

Yoga Space Rental


Our yoga space is available for rent. Please contact Deepa on 0407 567 452 for further information.